Entertaining is my love language

I just have a true passion for throwing parties!

I believe I put joy & happiness into the world when I share good times with friends and family and that joy & happiness are so contagious!

To me, entertaining is not just about making enough food for everyone and eating together. It is building some of the most precious memories of our lives. I am always looking for reasons to celebrate.

From my years of entertaining, I have learned a lot and am here to humbly share that with you. Please don’t worry. I won’t make you cook and clean for days! You will be surprised how much of my book is all about how to make home entertaining effortless! My style of entertaining is easy and functional with some twists of reinventing traditions. Making it look pretty and sophisticated but, yet, incredibly relatable!

My book talks all details of how-tos of


invitations, tablescape, menu, mood settings and entertainment

Dining Alfresco


Organazing and prepping your space and yourself!

When it comes to food and entertaining, we often only talk about the platter, the table, the menu, the guests, etc. Now, let’s talk about us — the hosts and hostesses and our homes!

The special touches to make your guests to feel extra-special and extra-welcomed

How to create


at your home


Step-By-Step recipes inspired from Tuscany, Provence, Ho Chi Min City, Seoul and Sydney

If I say my family and I travel to eat, it really wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration.

When I find dishes that my family loves during travels, I try to replicate them at home. A lot of times it is difficult to replicate dishes that we had overseas because of hard-to-find ingredients, and I am not one of those super chefs with their resources! But I try my best to copy-cat our favorite dishes with a bit of tweaking here and there. I try to stay true to the actual taste and keep the integrity of the dishes intact while trying to make it easy and do-able for home cooks like myself. Over the years, I have many recipes that I have collected, tried over and over, and loved! I’m so excited to share some of them with you!



arrival, having houseguests is as fun as PJs parties every night!


There is something about interactive meals that connects people to the next level

They feel more involved when they get to make their own bites, it’s totally fun creating them, and, of course, it makes a completely bespoke meal for each person!

I honestly host so many interactive meals simply because they are very popular and are so often requested by my family and friends. The usual response from my friends after hosting an interactive meal is “That was so…much fun!” So, I have chosen three of my favorite interactive meals and have typed out every little detail on how to make them happen!

Fresh Spring Rolls
Sushi Tacos
Shabu Shabu


I am a Korean – American. Even though I have lived more than half my life in the United States and Australia, you just cannot get the Koreanness out of this girl! Especially when it comes to food! My easy tips on how to make some satisfying Korean bites! Dumplings, rice rolls,s and KFC ; Korean Fried Chicken!


beyond the predictable surprise birthday parties


We all have been there! Those times when we were expected to pull off a company-ready dinner in a heartbeat, right?

I am here to tell you, yes, you absolutely can pull off a beautiful dinner effortlessly and in style. You need to have some of the right items stocked up in your pantry and freezer for these emergency situations. Let me share a few tips that will make you the superstar of the evening!


There are times when we go “all out.” for very special celebrations in our lives. I call them WOW parties! Super chefs in the house, exotic dancers floating around in the pool, white glove service with hors d’oeuvres passed around, a jeroboam of Champagne is popped — the whole works! When you have hired staff to co-ordinate a larger size event at your home.

I asked culinary legend James Beard awarded chef Christopher Gross, event planner George brams, beauty expert Lisa Moore and a private chef Markus Ford how to prepare to have such events at your home.

what kind of host/hostess we want to be?

I would love to share a few tips that I have learned over the years, plus many of my own desires to become a better hostess for my parties.

I have typed out my experiences step by step. We will start by going over some of the very basics of entertaining. Then, different chapters will cover things from a low key patio BBQ get-together to a wine-paired, multi-course dinner, recipes from all over the world to even parties that will impress all! I humbly wish that some of you will find a few of your “go-to” entertaining tips from my book.

“I am so ready! Are you?” 

Entertaining is my love language

my book

Recipes in the book